ROMANS 12;13

We need you

We will do everything we can to provide help for the needy in Uganda. But without the support of people like you, we will fall short of support to address those needs, only with help of those called to help will help us find success in our mission.

Who we are;

Child care foundation Uganda is anon profit organization, registered in Kisoro district as a community based organization registration number DGCS/760/2018 to work towards the plight of the needy after identifying high basic need violation rates among the Widows, Orphans & Vulnerable Children {OVC}, and Batwa people as a result of inferiority complex as well as poor personal development.

CCFU as an organization was started by former sponsored children of Compassion International. After finishing school and graduating the sponsorship program, Emmanuel and nelson tried to help others to the end of their means. But the need to help was too great.

Emmanuel talked to his former sponsor, now friend, about the struggle with what was in his heart versus what his hands could do. His sponsor told a similar story. As a younger man, he realized that he, alone, could not help those who needed support. But he could advocate for them to create a network with others who, together, could change the world.

All over Uganda, there are children who are not having shelter, can not manage to go to school due to lack of scholastic materials and other facilities, with no clothes, and other basic needs in life. There are children who drop out of school at the age of nine because of lack of parental care, either has no parents or are also marginalized. And there are people, like you, who want to help them.

We bring together those who need help and those who are willing to help. We are not the answer to the problem but we can cause light to the darkness. We are simply the voice to the voiceless, calling to the ears of those who will not allow the problem to go unanswered.