Vision: with God’s help, our hope for every child in life will be fulfilled in its fullness and our prayer is that their heart will be protected through counseling and the comfort that only God provides.


To mobilize resources for addressing challenges facing the vulnerable people and enable them realize their potential through promoting programs on education, health care, recreational skills, social security and moral support, there by releasing them from their spiritual, economic social and physical poverty and enable the to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.

Goal: To rehabilitate, inspire, and build confidence among vulnerable children as God’s love is displayed
  1. To provide love, care and support to orphans and vulnerable children.
  2. Releasing orphans and vulnerable groups of people from social,economical,spiritual,emotional and cognitive poverty.
  3. Educating and sensitizing children,caregivers and the community on how to use God given resources to develop them selves there by fighting poverty.
  4. To build a strong and vibrant child care ministry.