As a result of our ministry to children in poverty, child care will be trusted by the church worldwide authorized organization in holistic development of marginalized.


To mobilize resources for addressing challenges facing the vulnerable people and enable them realize their potential through promoting programs on education, health care, recreational skills, social security and moral support, there by releasing them from their spiritual, economic social and physical poverty and enable the to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.


The main goal of the organization is to rehabilitate, inspire and build confidence among the marginalized groups of people in Uganda.


Releasing children and other marginalized groups of peopleĀ  from spiritual, social emotional, economic and cognitive poverty.

To undertake research and document basic needs abuses suffered by marginalized groups of people for appropriate remedial action.

To sensitize Ugandans on the international and international basic needs in order to promote a culture of respect for basic needs of marginalized groups (disadvantaged people)

To offer legal assistance to marginalized groups in order to enhance access to basic needs.

To share information and best practices on the basic needs of marginalized groups in order to strengthen the basic needs enjoyment in Uganda.

To network and collaborate with key strategic partners, government, communities and individuals at a national, regional and international level in supporting the target groups of people.

To build a strong and vibrant basic needs organization.