CCFU’s primary focus is to sponsor orphans and vulnerable children, ensuring that they have basic necessities such as educational supplies, primary school fees, uniforms, a mattress & bedding, toiletries and first aid supplies and a Bible.

1.Child Protection and Survival Program: Although Uganda has made promising socio-economic strides since emerging from decades of conflict, many children still face myriad challenges there. Despite a growing economy, a large percentage of the population of 30-million+ people still live in poverty, stretching families’ capacities to provide a protective environment for their children to develop. Moreover, Uganda is one of the countries most affected by HIV and AIDS in the world, a situation that has orphaned over at least 1.2 million Ugandan children and severely tested extended kinship networks’ capacity to care for children. The Child Protection and Survival Program is designed to ensure the safety of children from physical, psychological and emotional harm within their communities. The program is geared at reducing risks to children’s holistic well-being, making children’s rights a reality, restoring hope and a dignified living where abuse has occurred and creating an enabling environment that supports children’s positive development. The program works at individual, family and community levels in a coordinated manner towards enhancing child protection and survival goals. The focus is on the following areas;

  1. i) Improving nutrition outcomes through investing in a supplementary feeding of vulnerable children whose families are unable to provide adequate nutrition. The feeding initiative has been the primary focus of the program since the start,
  2. ii) Improving the welfare of children through meeting basic clothing needs of the children. This initiative support vulnerable children with basic clothing

2 Water & Sanitation, (Water Tanks & Latrines)

Access to clean water, such a basic necessity and something that we take for granted in the developed world. Unfortunately, this is not the case for those living in Kisoro. Many children are forced to walk up to 14km each day to fetch water for their family in heavy jerry cans. Children who have to fetch water miss out on going to school, and the opportunity to get an education. The water that they collect is also unclean and not suitable for drinking. Children and families often become sick because of the poor water quality they are forced to drink. We are also currently researching and scoping what the best solution is for improving sanitation for  children & families.

3.Building & Property, (New Houses & CCFU Facilities)

  1. Food & Health (HIV/Health Fund)
  2. Education (Secondary & Vocational Training)

It has been proven through many studies that the most effective tool to lift people out of extreme poverty is to give them an education. CCFU’s child sponsorship program will equips kids with all the equipment and clothing that they need to attend primary school. As our children learn and grow, our attention we hope will turned to their future needs in terms of secondary education or vocational training. This level of education is currently out of reach for many children as their parents simply cannot afford to pay the costs associated with this level of education. Without secondary education, children would be forced to go back to a life of subsistence farming and thus trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty. It is our hope and prayer that we can support each of our sponsor children through all of their schooling/education

6.Micro-Finance Loans (for CCFU Families)

  1. Growing/Expanding the Project to Reach More Children/ Families –

8.Spiritual Teaching & Learning

Spiritual Teaching & Learning- CCFU places a high importance on teaching the children about the love and grace of God and the hope and salvation that comes through knowing and walking with Him. It is our prayer that each child will develop their own personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour. Spiritual teaching and prayer is an integral part of the CCFU project days that will be run every Saturday and it will continue to be in the programs.

Our Values.

Commitment: We are dedicated to serving the individuals and communities we work with through

collaboration and dedication

Transparency: We commit to always be transparent and open to all our stakeholders for betterment of the institution and society at large.

Honest: We act in accordance with CCFU’s  mission, ensuring honesty in all we do while accepting responsibility for our collective and individual actions

Team work: We shall always endeavor to collectively put efforts in building a result oriented team and works towards the realization of CCFU’s vision.

Spiritual: We shall always commit to remain spiritually grounded in Christianity values of love to and for all people.