Please have a Helping Hand

Malnutrition and hunger, lack of access to education or medical care, gang violence and discrimination – all of these circumstances hold Gerald back. With better access to education, one-to-one support and growth opportunities, she can develop the confidence, courage and life skills she needs to break free. Be the one to help him do it. Sponsor now and watch him future take off.

Save Godwin

Godwin’s parents have no source of income, they depend of digging and working for others to get what to eat, he has no hopes for getting educated because his parents cannot afford to buy him scholastic materials to send him to school.

There is a Potential in helping a Child

Once upon a mountain top, three little trees stood and dreamed of what they wanted to become when they grew up. The first tree looked up at the stars and said,” I want to hold treasure I want to be covered with Gold and filled with precious stones .I will be the most beautiful treasure in the whole world! “The second little tree looked out…

Simple ways you can Help

There are people in this world that exists and people look at them and regard them as problems to the community and forget that it’s not their fault but that how God intended it. On another hand, there are people who live their life lavishly having everything they would want in life. They are not only enjoying the joy of essentials but also have what…

Save Niyonzima Peter

Niyonsaba Peter is a total orphan, his father died when he was at the age of one years, she was left with the mother and unfortunately the mother got married to another man and was killed by unknown people, when the mother died,peter was left desperate with no help. Now he lives with the grand mum.

Our Orphanage Stories

HOW AND WHY WE SHOULD HELP ORPHANS. Death is a tragedy that we all know exists but are scared of. You might never feel its intensity until it robs you of the one you love. Death alone wouldn’t be the thing that scares us the most but the emptiness it leaves in our hearts that might never be filled. As we all plan for our…

Words of Hope

Generous donors in all over the world change the lives of little ones, helping to ensure them with good health care, instilling values and making an investment in the future of our world. It could be probably be your turn to partner with us in this. Providing education to an orphan is transforming their future dreams into reality. These children are fed, clothed, housed, educated…