Ugandan families and communities struggle to access healthcare, education and other basic services and young children often lack in the four areas of development. The country’s health indicators are among the lowest in sub-Saharan African. Preventable diseases – including prenatal and maternal illnesses, malaria and diarrhea claim many lives of young children before age of 10. In south western Uganda-Kisoro district, lack of protection for children, little food or no food at all is a common problem .The situation is as alarming in such a way that some families eat in shifts. A member who eats lunch is not liable for super. This is due to many children in the families. As a result most children leave school to fend for their survival working as house keepers and shepherds for the richer families to get food. It should be noted that a parent earns an average of just $1 a day by digging for others and doing any other casual worker

Kisoro District, has the highest concentrations of poverty stricken families in Uganda. Families in the area must grow their own food to survive. AIDS/HIV infected families outnumber the families not affected by the disease. Sanitation issues lead to regular cases of typhoid and malaria. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world mask the struggle for survival that happens here on a daily basis.

Daily life gets increasingly more difficult as inhabitants live greater distances from Kisoro town. The outlying villages suffer some of the highest concentrations of poverty in the world. Often, families must survive by digging in the fields of others for little pay. But with no education or trade skills, few other options are available to those who do not have enough land to farm for themselves.

While the soil in the area is infertile, the rural areas around Kisoro have one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. Families often live entirely on diets of potatoes and matoke (a paste made by smashing green bananas.)Because of these factors, most families live by bare necessity, with luxuries such as education and medical care being simply unattainable.

Spirituality in the area is scattered. Catholic and Anglican churches are many, while Baptist and Pentecostal churches represent the major protestant presence. There are four Islamic mosques, in the district. Pagan spiritualism, witch doctors, and religions that promote polygamy, also have a presence in the area.

A major source of economy for the area is tourism, capitalizing on the proximity to the protected gorilla reserves in the area, as well as a reasonably close location to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Many of the businesses and shops in Kisoro town rely on outside money from visitors generated by the tourists coming into the area to experience the game hikes, game drives, and mountain climbing to be done in Kisoro and the surrounding areas.

Schools in the area vary widely, with some schools providing an excellent opportunity for motivated students to pass national exams, thereby being offered the opportunity to continue attending higher levels of education. Others, however, are simply too poor to afford books for teachers or an education syllabus, leaving the teachers with no reasonable way to prepare their students for the national exams. While the top scorers in each district are offered governmental supplements to help them to pay for higher levels of education, the majority of children in Kisoro will never attend higher than primary level education.

Being positioned in a corner of Uganda, next to Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kisoro is also affected by any civil unrest in the neighboring areas, although Rwanda has been fairly stable since the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.With a backdrop of stunning scenery, Kisoro’s beauty masks a harsh reality of poverty, malnutrition, and young mortality rate.

Our Work

CCFU Children’s ministry continues to focus on education, health, food and economic security activities and how these initiatives can be more closely integrated to restore hope for a better future. But our overall goal is to show these children and their carte takers the love of God so that at the end of it all they will come to the knowledge of salvation and confess Christ as their personal Lord and savior.


Our target is to help children to grow up in a way that they will be able to transform their societies, our programs work to make a healthy and safe environment where children can learn and grow well in all aspects of life spiritually, physically, economically and socially. Our programs designed for primary school going children are in a way that builds their esteem needs and informs them that their past does not determine their future. We also provide health care, and education to all our beneficiaries both children and their care takers. Thanks to all our project sponsors for the work they are doing to restore hope for the needy children in Uganda the almighty God will always bless the work of their hands.

Every child deserves a strong start in order to end well (the best chance for a successful future). But too many children right here in Uganda and around the world are not getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change that. If you sponsor a child just one, then you will give them the gift of a better future.

When you sponsor a child, you get a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community where CCFU operates to help to change the future of the children under our care. Sponsorship provides essential help and education to improve the well-being of children. It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for a better future.

When you sponsor a child through Child care foundation Uganda, you are helping give an orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable child a family and a future. Children who have lost everything get a mother, brothers and sisters and everything they need to have a normal childhood. There are many in this category that are waiting for you.As a child sponsor, your monthly gift of $39 goes to helping raise your sponsored child. That means you are providing food, clothing, parental care, housing, education and healthcare to a child in need.We believe that no child should grow up alone.We hope you do too.

When you sponsor a child, two lives are changed: a child’s and yours! Your support helps in the following ways.

Early Childhood Care and Development prepares a child for a bright future by building a strong foundation for success in school. Unfortunately, about 30% of the world’s children fail to reach their developmental potential. And in Uganda fewer than 1 in 5 children have access to early childhood education. This explains why CCFU is here

Basic Education is a right of all children. It’s estimated that 200 million children all over the world will quit elementary school without the basic reading and math skills they will need to thrive. By providing children with a basic education and a quality learning experience now, they will have the tools needed to succeed later in life. This cannot be possible minus your support.

Health and Nutrition helps ensure that students aren’t too sick or hungry to learn. Worldwide, children lose 500 million school days each year due to illness caused by unsafe water and inadequate sanitation. School Health and Nutrition programs ensure access to proper sanitation and hand washing facilities and teach children the importance of good hygiene. When children regularly wash their hands, diarrhea – one of the most common deadly illnesses for young children in Uganda– is cut by one third. When healthy children can go to school – they can learn more and have greater opportunity to reach their full potential. Your support on this is very much appreciated.

Adolescent Development addresses the needs of teens so they can participate in their own success and the success of their community. Adolescent development programs help them build self-esteem and reduce vulnerability to exploitation, violence, substance abuse, child marriage and much more. Through these programs, teenagers learn life-skills, how to earn and save money and so much more.

Innovation sponsors across all programs. Sponsorship nurtures great ideas helping program staff develop interventions that best meet children’s needs. For example, Literacy Boost started as a program specific to child sponsorship.

Together we can restore hope for more children.

we are looking for funds to help the none sponsored children and run the project programs. In such a case go to . If you cannot still consider praying for us or you could send us a letter of encouragement or tell a friend about us. We value whatever you can afford to give.